I've personally had to deal with injury that continually pops up in my life and still presents challenges. I know what you are going through. I've suffered the pain.


Joel D. Winter

My Own Personal Injury Story

I played and refereed soccer games as a youth and young man. I even did a couple of triathlons. I prided myself on my abilities and activity level. At 19 years old, while doing a timed, taped exercise program I pulled and tore some muscles in my lower back and groin. Within two days, I couldn’t walk and when I tried to get out of bed the next morning I passed out from pain. I passed out three more times before I could get the drugs I needed. 

No one could see my injury.

I spent six months rehabilitating. In classes, I mostly stood in back or behind my desk. It wouldn’t have shown up on an x-ray. But I know it was real. I experienced it and it put me out of commission from the activities I was used to doing for a long time.


  • Graduated in 2008 from San Joaquin College of Law 
  • Moot court semi-finalist

Understanding Your Challenge

I believe it is important to share this story because I want you to know before we talk, if you choose to call, that I really do have a good idea what you are going through. What the insurance industry likes to call soft-tissue injury, though unseen, can be extremely painful and debilitating. 

You can be assured that when I fight for you, I will not be swayed by their arguments that the treatments you received were more than should have been necessary for your recovery just because no one can see them. I know better. And we in our office know what the law allows and what we can fight for.  Because I have experienced some of the pain you are feeling and, like you, have suffered through long days of pain, I will fight to get you the treatment you need, and just compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.